Gränsfors Bruk Gransfors Bruk 439 froe

Gransfors Bruk 439 froe

  • Gränsfors Bruk Gransfors Bruk 439 froe

The Gränsfors Froe is used to split wood very finely, for example when making shingles for a roof. The wood to be split is placed under the edge. The user steadies the tool with one hand on the vertical handle and strikes the blade with a mallet using the other hand. The handle is removable, making the Froe easy to transport.


Technical Specifications 

Overall Length: 17.32 in (44 cm)

Cutting Edge: 11.81 in (30 cm)

Weight: 42.33 oz (1200 g)

Use: Splitting Wood, Outdoor

Origin: Sweden

Item Number: 487

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